Founded in 1984 by a small group of carriage collectors and driving enthusiasts, the Minnesota Whips and Wheels Carriage and Driving Society has grown quickly. Driving is gaining popularity throughout the world as a sporting and recreation activity which includes the whole family.

The society provides a wide range of activities for its diverse membership. We provide information regarding a time of historical significance in America - the horse drawn era. We encourage the collection and preservation of vehicles from that era and we urge the restoration, active use, and display of these carriages.

We also promote safe driving, as well as, care and training of the animals which pull these carriages.  Our members drive ponies, horses, donkeys and mules hitched singly, in pairs, in tandem, random, unicorn and four-in-hand. Quite a few of our members do not even drive or own either a horse or carriage. They are simply interested in driving and enjoy being with us. We welcome and encourage anyone with an interest in driving to join us!

Minnesota Whips and Wheels

Carriage and Driving Society
41989 County 50 Blvd
Wanamingo, MN  55983 


MN. Whips & Wheels Carriage​​ & Driving Society