Wagonette for Sale
 Steve Waddell of Chamberlain Hill Carriages made this sweet wagonette of black walnut and ash with dark red upholstery. It pulls easily and lightly,  seats 5 plus driver.  Complete with natural wood shafts (40 inches at evener) for driving single and a glossy black pole (88 inches) for driving a pair. Front wheels 38 inches, back wheels 47 inches, body width 36 inches. Great condition.  It can be shown in Country Pleasure Classes. Located near Hugo, Minnesota. Selling because my team is too old & storage is a problem. 
Asking $3,500 obo for this beauty.        Contact: Karin (651) 303-9887


Posted 8/26/18

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Horse Sleigh...RARE Antique Rebuilt...$3100 or best offer! 
2-horse sleigh, completely rebuilt with ORIGINAL TURN-OF-THE-CENTURY HARDWARE to new condition; beautifully hand finished oak that was kiln dried and milled by the builder himself.
Box Dimensions: 39" W x 81" L
Resurrected lawn ornament returned to original specifications by a skilled craftsman and stored indoors for years; absolutely mint condition.
This piece is too perfect to be parked as a yard ornament and should be used as it was intended. Located in Jordan, MN.



Horse Buggy...RARE Antique Rebuilt...$3450 or best offer!   
 2-horse buggy, completely rebuilt to like NEW original condition by a skilled craftsman with the original TURN-OF-THE-CENTURY hardware; beautifully finished oak that was kiln dried, cut and finished by the builder, refurbished seats, Amish rebuilt wooden wheels, shafts and box.
Box dimensions: 57" x 67"
Resurrected lawn ornament returned to the original specifications and stored indoors for years; absolutely mint condition.
This piece is too perfect to be parked as a yard ornament and should be used in parades or shows. Located in Jordan, MN.
For either or both vehicles, contact Joseph Thill.......952.500.3011

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We also have miscellaneous poles, shafts, neck yokes, etc., plus an old road cart to sell.  Located near Alexandria, MN. For more info and pictures contact:
Kim and Sandy Davis   320-760-1819   or   gundogs@gctel.com

Antique Restored Pony Buggy

Mr. Carroll Pirmantgen of Milbank, SD

has a Pony Buggy for sale.

Restoration was done by Hanson Wheel & Wagon Shop

in Letcher, SD.

He says this is a very rare and unique piece.

Carroll is asking $2,500 and he will deliver.

He also has a pony pole for driving double.

Any questions, please call him directly:


​Located in Milbank, ND

​​​We also have an original Lindsay Brother’s “Doctor’s Buggy” with provenance for sale. It was manufactured in Minneapolis, MN in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s and beautifully restored by the original owner’s son whose parents courted in this buggy. It comes with a unique pole, shafts and side curtains...very classy! $1,500

MN. Whips & Wheels Carriage​​ & Driving Society

Carriage For Sale offered by W&W Club Member Darin Lulich...1864 Studebaker Trap
It belonged to the Studebaker family until acquired from the Studebaker estate c. 1940 by Romy Hammes in South Bend, Indiana. Current owner Darin Lulich says the lamps are original but need restoration. The restoration was done by Steve Waddell and the colors are black, black cherry and cream upholstery. The carriage is horse-size fitting probably a 15 to 16 hand horse.

The restorer said he had over $6,000 in it.       Darin is currently asking only $5,000.

Please contact him by phone 612-309-6070 or email him at lulichdarin@gmail.com. Restoration photos of the 1864 Studebaker Trap as follows here........

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Antique Doctor's Buggy

Posted 3/4/18

Rod Howell's Liquidation of Carriages, Sleighs & Harness Sale 
Rodney Howell has been move to a memory care in a facility in Wayzata, MN. Jill, is Rod’s daughter, and she would really like to clear out everything she can. The club's help would be great. Biggest thing right now is there are a number of wagon components such as harnesses that are too many to take pictures of that could go quickly if you know anyone of your members needing to increase their inventory. Prices are very negotiable. All of the money that we are collecting will be going to Jill to help with Rodney’s care.
My family spent the weekend removing 7 wagons and 3 sleighs plus horse tack and many other items from the pole shed where they were stored. They have been cleaned up and are now being stored in my barn in Corcoran, MN. I have contacted a wagon restoration company in Mitchell, S.D. They are waiting for pictures before they will make an offer. Jill would rather keep them local and sell them to someone that would appreciate them.
All of my family's time is donated. I really do not want to get into shipping and all things related to getting things to a new home.
You may forward this e-mail to other clubs and your club members. Jill is using me for the contact on all of this.
My phone number is 612-309-1885. Any help would be great. Thanks again in advance.
Dean Vehrenkamp

​​​​​​New Wagonette and Antique Doctor's Buggy for Sale

We have a custom-made fifth-wheel Wagonette for sale with pole and shafts. Front wheels measuring 38”, back wheels measuring 48”. The pole measures 106” in length and 40” from ground to eveners. The width of vehicle is 58” from outside of wheel to outside of wheel (not the hubs). It has rubber tires with ball bearing hubs. The upholstery is tufted plush velveteen. This vehicle was custom-built for us by an Amish craftsman from Bertha, MN. It is one of a kind: gorgeous red, pinstriped, with only 12 road miles on it in perfect condition! $3,800 OBO