Fun times with great people, wonderful equines, fantastic pooches and delicious potlucks!

MN. Whips & Wheels Carriage & Driving Society


An annual membership for Whips and Wheels costs just $30 - $40 a year per family and $20 - $30 a year for an individual membership.  These costs depend on your preference as to receiving the newsletter via email or hard copy snail mail.

As a member, you can participate in all Whips and Wheels driving events, seminars, and social gatherings.  In addition, you get our newsletter The Horn.  You will receive it via snail mail or email, or both if you prefer.  You can also list items in our classified ads section of The Horn for free, as long as you are a member.

To join Whips and Wheels, please send a completed membership form and signed waiver with you money to the Whips and Wheels at the address indicated on the forms below: